Successful dance fundraiser event
is just the beginning

Dance Oasis members are preparing for a visit to Disneyland.

Denise Blashko

Dance Oasis Studio’s Carnival Fundraiser event was a great success this past weekend, raising $3,000.

But it is only the beginning of the fundraising, practicing and hard work that has to happen to make a dream trip to Disneyland for the Dance the Magic Program a reality.

Local Dancers, singers, and guest performers from Grand Forks and Penticton Friday put on a very entertaining evening for 275 people of all ages at the Frank Venables Theatre.

In addition to the main stage performances, there was everything from Carnival Games to a Fortune Teller to a Juggler and Fire Breather.

“With ticket sales and lots of generosity from local businesses and wineries, we were able to raise $3,000 to put towards our $25,000 goal,” said Chrissie Serry, Artistic Director for Dance Oasis.

That’s how much Dance Oasis needs to ensure that 16 students, ages ranging from 7 to 14 years old, and two instructors can enjoy a trip of a lifetime.

Friday’s carnival in Oliver brought more than 250 to the Frank Venables Theatre and raised more than $3,000. (Denise Blashko photo)

While in Southern California, they will experience dance workshops, classes and mock auditions as well as visiting Disneyland.

The biggest excitement during the trip will be the 10-minute dance routine that they will get to perform as a live act at Disneyland.

The fundraising will continue over spring and summer with multiple dance performances, yard and garage sales at the Dance Oasis Studio and an ongoing bottle drive.  Bottles can be dropped off at the studio starting April 2 – Monday to Friday from 3 to 8 pm.

In order to have a successful application, the students have certain classes they have to complete and specific levels they have to meet, so there is lots of work to be done yet.

The team is currently working on their 15-minute audition tape with dance instructors finetuning the choreography and students practicing up to 10 hours a week.

The goal is to have their application in by end of May with the trip happening sometime in fall or winter of 2018.

Ms. Serry says the students are very excited. The next opportunity to see how the dancers are progressing is at their upcoming Dance Recital – Masquerade Ball, which is at the Frank Venables Theatre on June 8 and 9.


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