Sunday festival was a lot of fun

Bobs and Lolo were the first performers for A Children's Festival Sunday afternoon.

Here’s what I’m hoping — to be able to attend a second annual A Children’s Festival.

My grandad and grandma took me and my sister Katrina to the Osoyoos Concert Society’s first-ever children’s festival Sunday afternoon at the OSS Theatre.

I have to tell you, we were a rowdy bunch, even if we didn’t quite fill up the theatre. I’m not sure, but I think about 100 kids attended and their moms and dads came along as well.

They gave us seats to sit in, but most of the time I wanted to be in front of the stage, where I could dance and sing and laugh at some of the corny jokes — especially the ones told by the Purple Pirate.

First though, I finally got to see Bobs and Lolo in person. I watch them on TV — on Treehouse — and they always have me and Trina dancing. They made some funny animal calls and asked us to make them, too. And we pretended we were trains and enjoying a rainstorm.

Jillian was really good when the Purple Pirate called her up on stage.

After their show, while the Purple Pirate was setting up, Grandma brought us Bobs and Lolo sunglasses to wear, although we didn’t use them much Sunday because it was raining. A lot of other kids got kazoos.

The Purple Pirate asked us to put them away while he was on stage.

The Purple Pirate, I understand, is from Nanaimo. I don’t know where that is, but I think it’s where they make those yummy brownie-type things I like to eat.

He gave us all hats to wear and took us on a treasure hunt. And he told corny pirate jokes — even worse than the ones my grandpa tells me.

Here’s one: What do you call a pirate with two eyes and two legs? A rookie.

We all “walked the stage” when the Purple Pirate performed. He was very funny.

I know it’s terrible but the kids all thought it was funny — and so did the parents. (The moms also thought it was funny when the Purple Pirate asked them if they had seen any pirates and then mentioned Johnny Depp. I’m not sure what that was all about.)

So, here’s the thing. Us kids really enjoyed the show. I think when we go back to school today and talk about it, other kids will probably want to go next year, as well.

I hope the Osoyoos Concert Series decides to do another festival for us next year. It was fun.



  1. Thank you so much for the enthusiastic review! The members of the Concert Series are so happy you enjoyed the show. We had so much fun organizing it!


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