Temporary homes almost ready
for seasonal hospitality workers

Workers were busy at a complex set up adjacent to Nk'Mip Corner to house temporary summer workers.

Housing for summer hospitality workers in Osoyoos should be ready for move-in sometime next week, says a proponent of the project.

“All 10 pieces of the camp are on site,” said Daniel Bibby, the executive director at Spirit Ridge at Nk’Mip, of the 49-unit facility plunked down adjacent to Nk’Mip Corner and the Petro-Canada station, hidden amid orchard trees on the property.

“We’re hoping to have the camp ready for occupancy by the 15th of June.”

Workers are on-site adding some flooring and roof tiling and utility connections are also in the works, he said.

“It’s definitely all-hands-on-deck trying to get the project finished as quick as we can.”

The work can’t be finished soon enough.

Already 44 of units are spoken for, with a “cross-section” of the Osoyoos hospitality community taking advantage of the modular housing structures transported from the Oilsands region of Alberta.

“The pressure’s on to get them open as quick as we can — a lot of businesses are already hiring,” said Mr. Bibby.

Each unit includes a bed, desk and closet and also comes equipped with a mirror and television.  

“There’s a shared washroom facility — mens and ladies washroom facilities — and a public common area and kitchen facility,” Mr. Bibby added.

Exterior landscaping will include a barbecue and picnic area.

The project is anchored by a tri-party agreement involving the Town of Osoyoos, the Osoyoos Indian Band and Osoyoos Employee Housing Society (OEHS), which was established to administer the property.

Osoyoos Council Monday gave permission for Town CAO Barry Romanko to sign the agreement to expedite the project.

Two founding members — Spirit Ridge and the Watermark Beach Resort — have each committed one-third of the $125,000 needed to establish the housing complex. The remainder of the expected cost will come from rental fees.

“It feels like it has taken a bit to get to this stage. But I feel like overall it’s going to be a great addition to the community,” said Mr. Bibby. “If it goes well, I think that there’s opportunities for more projects like this in the future.”


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