This Florida Jeopardy contestant
knows where Spotted Lake is located

if you’re playing along at home, the correct question to our headline answer is: Who is Satish Chandrasekhar?

It’s a must-see on many travel blogs. David Suzuki featured it on The Nature of Things. Even the New York Times has noted its uniqueness.

Now Spotted Lake has earned another distinction — it was featured Friday on the TV quiz show Jeopardy.

Nine questions in, host Alex Trebek gave this answer to the three contestants:

Canada’s Spotted Lake is found over the border from Washington in this province.

The correct answer, of course, is What is British Columbia?

Which is exactly what the aforementioned medical student from Jupiter, Fla., replied, earning himself $1,000 in the Bodies of Water category.

In the end, it didn’t help him very much. Satish did well through two Jeopardy rounds but tripped up in Final Jeopardy, unable to come up with an answer to this poser:

Remove two letters from within the six-letter name of this capital and you get the name of a capital from a neighbouring country.

We’ll leave you to ponder the correct question to that one and answer you another.

This warm-welcome community is located just east of Spotted Lake.


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