This therapy promises a good time — and a whole lot of laughter

Caron Keens wants to help you laugh yourself to better health.

There’s a sign on the door at the Osoyoos Dairy Queen that warns patrons that grouchy people aren’t allowed.

Now proprietor Caron Keens is taking her message of tuning out negativity to the community.

Caron — who with husband Rob hands out smiles along with ice cream treats and yummy eats — is hosting a Laughter therapy session Nov. 19 (next Monday) and inviting anyone within the community who could use a few more chuckles in their life.

The session is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at Casa de Mila Oro, located at 5401 Lakeshore Drive.

“I’m a certified laughter leader with the World Laughter Tour,” Caron explains. “Laughter is a modality of healing and wellness. It does so much for the body.

“It’s the goofiest thing that you’ve ever seen, but it works and it’s contagious. People can opt to just sit and watch but I’ve very rarely had people just sit there.”

Laughter really is the best medicine, according to the World Laughter Tour website.

“In today’s culture, people are more stressed, less relaxed and often lacking in work/life/family balance,” the website reads. “Life is meant to be enjoyed with passion, zest, enthusiasm and in the camaraderie of like-minded individuals.

“Laughter therapy can bring the happiness back into your life, while helping to relieve or eliminate many health problems that are associated with stress.”

Caron said she has worked her laughter therapy with numerous groups — including setting up a well-attended session at the Osoyoos community library last year.

Business has kept her busy at the Dairy Queen, but she realized she needed a few more laughs herself.

“As adults we feel we need permission to laugh — life is serious,” she says. “Laughter is sometimes the last thing we think about, but it’s really so fulfilling.”

Caron says her Monday session can accommodate up to 25 participants. She expects to encourage admission by donation (up to $10).

By the way, if laughter’s not your thing, Caron also hopes to be offering Hawaiian Hula lessons for anyone who wants to give that a try. No experience is necessary.

But that, too, should be good for a few laughs.

You can connect with Caron at her Good & Kind Company website. Or you can drop in and connect with her at the Osoyoos Dairy Queen.

She’ll be the one with the big grin on her face.



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