Town budget moves forward
with three readings

Council Monday gave three readings to a five-year financial plan bylaw that will include a 2.93% increase to local Property Taxes, which will provide the Town with $71,000 in additional tax-based revenue.

Osoyoos residents will have one final opportunity to speak to the budget at the Council regular meeting on May 7.

The full budget and planning document is available online at

Utility costs to rise in 2018

As part of the budget process, Council gave three readings to bylaw increases for water, sewer and waste removal fees charged to users. The additional funding will be used to improve infrastructure and cover increased service delivery costs.

The increases include:

  • A four percent increase to sewer user fees for single family residences in the community (to $251.10) and a 2.89-percent increase (to $344.10) to rural sewer user fees;
  • a $13.42 increase to water user fees for a single family residence with a four-percent
    increase for other water user fees. The 2018 rate for a single family residence is $348.96;
  • a three-percent increase in Garbage collection and Recycling collection fees taking the annual charge to $134 from $130.10.

The increase in water and sewer rates is expected to raise an additional $113,100 in revenues for use for utility upgrades. The increase in waste management fees assists with the increased costs associated with the garbage and recycling collection contract.

Second advance voting opportunity added

Council approved a second advanced voting opportunity for the October 17 General Municipal Election scheduled for October 20. The Town of Osoyoos is required to have two required advanced voting opportunities with its new status with 5,000-plus population.

The first voting opportunity is to be held 10 days before General Voting Day and the second set by bylaw for between the 10th day before General Voting and General Voting Day.

Council approved a bylaw that set the second required advanced voting opportunity as the 3rd day before General Voting Day — Wednesday, October 17).

As required by the Local Government Act,  polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Council approves changes to Gyro Park concession contract

There could be up to five more tables and accompanying chairs at the Gyro park concession this summer.

Council approved the additional seating following ongoing discussions with the concession operator, Bordertown Enterprises.

It declined to allow dogs near the concession or the sale of alcohol.

Council approved a five-year renewal of the contract with the new terms. Bordertown Enterprises pays $500 a month in lease costs.

Vancouver firm to lead health centre feasibility study

Vancouver-based Collier International will conduct a health centre feasibility study over the next six months or so to help the community improve health care delivery.

The Town applied for and received a $100,000 Rural Dividend Grant to conduct the study; Collier is charging $85,200 — with an additional $5,000 in travel expenses — to do the work.

  • The Goals of the Study include:
  • to complete a health services gap analysis in our community’s current health delivery system;
  • to determine if and/or how a centralized medical center delivering multidisciplinary services will assist addressing service gaps or increasing the efficiency of the current system;
  • to determine the potential services and service delivery participants interest in participating in a central health service delivery model;
  • to determine the feasibility of a central health services center including the physical make-up of the facility, construction costs and the operating costs;
  • to determine if a project of this nature can attract private sector investment for construction and operation or it must be developed by public funding with a cost recovery period identified or a 3P model;
  • to explore current health care funding programs that may assist in facility development.



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