Town has ‘Yellow Cards’ for watering infractions

You won’t have a referee wearing knee-length socks standing on your doorstep, but the yellow cards the Town of Osoyoos plans to hand out over the summer months might prove just as embarrassing.

Starting soon, the Town will be placing yellow flags on properties where lawn watering has been observed outside of the approved date or time.

The flags serve as a friendly reminder to educate residents and are not meant to harass or offend property owners/renters, the Town says.

“We all have a part to play to conserve water in our community, and we believe these yellow flags are a better option than a ($100) fine,” a release from the community reads.

The Town, along with Rural Water Districts 8 and 9, are on “Normal” domestic and lawn watering restrictions. These restrictions ensure that the residents of Osoyoos water their lawns on certain days, within a specified time interval.

• Even numbered addresses: Watering is only permitted on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday;
• Odd numbered addresses: Watering is only permitted on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday

No sprinkling is permitted between the hours of 10 a.m. and 7p.m.

The Town also has an Environment Stewardship Ambassador (Water Smart Ambassador) to help by providing a free Lawn and Garden Water Assessment.
For more information, visit the Town of Osoyoos at


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