Town sets course for new welcome signs

Osoyoos prides itself on providing Canada’s warmest welcome. Now, the Town of Osoyoos wants visitors to freshen up that welcome with new signage.

Osoyoos Council Monday approved a process to select from among submitted designs for new Town of Osoyoos welcome signs to be placed at four of the community’s access points.

“I’m delighted that we have nine different designs that people have put forward,” said Mayor Sue McKortoff, adding she wanted to make sure the successful applicant would be required to design the signs, “build them, put them in the ground and dispose of the old ones.”

The decision follows a Request for Proposals issued in October that resulted in seven bids — and nine designs — ranging in cost from $54,824 to $212,486.

“The Operational Services department is seeking Town Council’s direction on the type of selection process they would like to employ to choose the most appropriate design for our new Welcome to Osoyoos signs,” explained Jim Dinwoodie, the Town’s Director of Operations.

The options offered Council included:

  • Town Council decides the winning design;
  • A committee with representatives from Destination Osoyoos and Town Council decide;
  • A committee with representatives from DO, Town Council and two Volunteer Community Members chosen from an advertisement placed in the local media decide;
  • A committee with representatives from DO, Town Council and two Community members picked by DO and Town Council decide.


Council opted to allow two members each from the Destination Osoyoos board and Town Council to determine what proposed sign would come back to Council for final consideration.

The decision, however, didn’t come without a bit of wrangling.

Mayor McKortoff wanted to ensure “transparency” in the selection process and urged citizen participation.

Counc. Mike Campol and CJ Rhodes urged the preferred option.

“When we look at the representatives here with a common interest in making the best decision and Destination Osoyoos whose primary goal is to market our destination, (those are the) two organizations qualified to make that decision,” explained Coun. Campol.

Coun. Rhodes added his concern setting up an ad hoc committee would “drastically extend the time period that would be required” to decide on a preferred sign.

Coun. Youngberg, who sits on an advisory design panel, wanted representation from that body.



After determining the process, Council also spent several minutes — and two motions —debating who would sit on the selection committee, with all four councillors initially expressing interest.

Coun. CJ Rhodes withdrew his interest and a vote determined Coun. Youngberg and King would represent Council.

The Town wants to have the signs in place before May 21, 2018.



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