Cottonwood collision a medical incident, police say

Osoyoos firefighters direct traffic after a one-vehicle collision at the intersection of Main Street and Cottonwood Drive last night.

An evening collision Tuesday that left a utility pole in splinters and also knocked down a traffic light was a medical emergency, Osoyoos RCMP said.

“There was no indication of alcohol use,” said Sgt. Jason Bayda.

RCMP received two calls related to the incident, he said.

The first came at 6:45 p.m. after the truck, which was heading east on Main St., crossed the centreline and crashed through the poles on the northwest corner of Main St.’s intersection with Cottonwood Drive.

The second came minutes later after the vehicle, a 2013 white Ford pickup, stalled in the drive-thru lane at the Osoyoos Dairy Queen.

Medical help was summoned and the unidentified driver of the vehicle was discovered to be unresponsive.

Although power in the area was not affected, there were reports of internet service being down with the collision.

No charges are pending, said Sgt. Bayda.



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