‘Yellow’ fish returning to Town storm drains

Painted yellow fish next to storm drains are to remind people not to dump litter, oils or anything potentially toxic to fish. Alicia Osland photo

Volunteers working with the Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society will be out Sunday en masse to participate in an ecological reminder project.

“We are going to paint about 126 Yellow fish next to storm drains within the Town of Osoyoos boundaries,” explained OLWQS president Birgit Arnstein.

“The fish are painted to remind people that what they put down a storm drain may harm the lake and groundwater.”

The crew will be meeting at 9 a.m. at Town Square, divided into teams, given paint, brushes, a stencil and a map of the area they have been assigned to paint.

Anyone interested in helping with the project is invited to join the OLWQS crew.

Meanwhile, after getting their testing boat ship-shape for the season yesterday, OLWQS volunteers will be receiving some Veliger training July 4 from an Okanagan and Similikameen Invasive Species Society rep.

The voilunteers will learn how to use horizontal and vertical plankton nets to search for the larval form of invasive mussels.

The new testing will be done in conjunction with other regular testing (pH,dissolved oxygen, specific conductance temperature and depth) conducted by the society.

July 4 will also be the first testing date of the season.

OLWQS was founded in 1991 by community members to help promote public awareness of Osoyoos Lake and remains vigilant in monitoring issues such as conservation, pollution and lake management and protection.

It is a nonpolitical, non-profit charitable organization run entirely by local volunteers.

For more information, visit the OLWQS website at osoyoslake.ca.


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