Young Osoyoos Archer wins
national online championship

Jacob Campol with the medal he recently received from Archery Canada.

A young Osoyoos athlete is a national Champion — and he didn’t even have to leave home to do it.

Jacob Campol was recently recognized as a national gold medal winner by Archery Canada in that association’s Indoor Mail Match competition.

The online competition involves competitors shooting 30 arrows from a distance of 18-metres and submitting to the Mail Match coordinator up to 13 scores (one for each week) between January and March.

At the end of the competition, the six best scores for each archer are averaged and medals awarded.

Jacob received his gold medal in the Recurve Group, competing in a classification with 14 other archers and earning Tyro honours.

A recurve bow has “limbs” that curve away from the archer when unstrung. It’s unique design stores more energy than the equivalent straight-limbed bow, giving a greater amount of energy and speed to an arrow.

“I took up archery a few years ago, just looking for something to do,”Jacob said of his passion for the individual sport. “And I started to really enjoy it, so I started doing it regularly. I find it relaxing and enjoyable.”

He competes with the Osoyoos Traditional Archery School, coached by Brock Paton, and shoots at the Air Cadet building just East of the Oliver Airport. When the weather turns warmer, he practices and competes at the Osoyoos 3D facility.

“I prefer the 3D personally,” he said. “The indoors is very good for practicing and I still enjoy the indoor, but between the two, I prefer the 3D.”

A letter accompanying the medal from Allan Wills, Archery Canada’s president, encourages Jacob to consider setting his sights on other live competitions, including the Canadian 3D Outdoor Target and Field Championship in Nova Scotia this August.

The Osoyoos Traditional School is developing a number of quality archers, including Miranda Sparkes, who last fall represented Canada at the world outdoor championships in France.



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