Young Osoyoos model stars
in hit Punjabi video

For Ittia Edwards, this summer is like something out of the movies.

The 23-year-old Osoyoos model was working out at Vengeance Fitness in late July when she was “discovered” by prominent Punjabi singer Gurvinder Brar, who was looking for an actress for a music video to be filmed in and around the community.

Model Ittia Edwards

“They just came up to me and asked me if I wanted to work for three days and just go around Osoyoos and Penticton and shoot for this music video,” said Ittia Tuesday. “They told me he was a really big artist so I did a little research on him.”

It was an easy decision to say yes.

“I’ve done a lot of magazine work but I’ve never done a music video,” she said.

What followed was three days of shooting in the South Okanagan with a production team of about 10, Ittia playing opposite Gurvinder in a music video for Kavita, a song Ittia understands was written by Gurvinder with his deceased spouse Sohaj Preet.

A third star in the video is the South Okanagan, which provides the backdrop for the story portrayed on screen.

“We shot by the water fountain in town and we went to Penticton and shot by the beach there,” she said. Residents will also recognize a bridge on Black Sage Road and the lookout at Vaseux Lake.

The music video was released September 14. It has received almost 700,000 views on YouTube over the three days since.

For the aspiring model, the video is a big step forward, one she hopes will lead to even more work on the screen.

Still grounded in Osoyoos, though, Ittia expects to spend the next few days handing out resumes in town, looking for a part-time job that offers the flexibility to allow her to leave town unexpectedly when modelling — usually through the Enrique Modelling Agency in Calgary — calls.

“Modelling is my passion. I want to do it full-time, but the work comes when it comes,” she said. “It’s not like I get to model every day nine-to-five. I’m hoping that one day I get to do it all the time and I get to travel more.

“I’m hoping that I’ll get to do more music videos. It’s awesome.”


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