New and independent treatment method for pain

By Katharina Riedener
Practice for Homeopathy on Main Street

The Liebscher & Bracht (LNB) Pain Therapy is a new and independent treatment method to deal with pain.

It is based on 25 years of research and development by Dr. Petra Bracht and Roland Liebscher-Bracht from Germany. LNB found out that over 90% of all pains in the movement apparatus are triggered in the brain because of imbalances in the muscle-fascia tissue.

To protect the body from Osteoarthritis, herniated discs and other damages the body creates an “alarm” pain.

The LNB therapy works with its own developed Osteopressure and Fascia stretches to release the pain mechanism in a lasting way. By applying pressure on certain Bone Receptors, the alarm pain is cancelled out.

The therapy can help in over 90 % of all pains. It can be effective without medication or surgery. The treatment is natural and at the source of the cause.

The patient receives thorough instructions for self-care after the treatments are finished. The idea is that only a few treatments are necessary and with self-care there will be long-lasting if not permanent relief.

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