Our summer lifestyle invites massage

By Bonnie Butler
Massage Specialist

The warm days of summer are upon us, which means longer days and increasing outdoor activities. A therapeutic massage may be beneficial because of:

Increased activity — Sometimes outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, walking, watersports and gardening may put extra stress on your body and a massage will help heal those exhausted or strained muscles faster.

Self Care — We may spend more time gathering with friends and special celebrations so taking time out for a massage is a great way to enjoy some time to relax.

Hectic Sleeping Schedule — The early morning sunrises and late evening sun sets can cause your body to be confused about sleep patterns. A massage may increase your body’s production of melatonin and serotonin, which may help the body and the brain to balance, relax and promote better sleep.

Swelling Joints — When there is increased activity and humidity many people suffer from joint pain and inflammation. A therapeutic massage  and joint mobility techniques will help to increase blood flow to flush out the static fluid accumulating around the joints which may relieved inflammation and discomfort.

Increased Sun Exposure — With all the  warm summer sun it can be hard on your skin. Having a regular relaxing massage using natural oils has great benefits for moisturizing and preparation for your skin for fun in the sun

Mental Health — Busy? Stressed? Overwhelmed? A therapeutic massage or cranial sacral session may help the nervous system to welcome calmness, focus, function and clear thinking.

You may wonder how often you need a massage. Every individual is different. If you have an injury, anxiety, insomnia or headaches, then massage may be needed more regularly; however, having a massage once a month or every two months may be good for prevention and your overall well-being. You deserve to feel good!

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