What is live blood analysis?

Live blood analysis is an excellent way to look into your health. A small drop of blood is taken with a lancet and examined under a microscope to look at plasma, red and white blood cells, and blood vitality.

This is projected onto a screen where the practitioner and client go over what is found and what may indicate health concerns. This is all done while the cells are still living, allowing us to see how they are functioning. This can reveal key nutritional markers and digestive health.

Dry blood is also analyzed to look at what has been happening in the body long-term. Together, live and dry blood analysis can help detect: parasites, fungus, bacteria, heavy-metal toxicity, white blood cell function, vitamin and mineral imbalance, organ stress, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and diet-related illness.

Blood typing is also done to help fine-tune diet-related illness. Blood types assimilate and digest foods differently. Certain foods can trigger headaches, skin irritations, lack of energy, and inflammation. Live blood analysis is completed with a written recommendation on suggested natural ways to support what is found. This may include vitamins, herbs, diet change, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

To find out more about live blood analysis and how it may help you on your wellness journey – contact Stacy Elliot from ISSUES IN YOUR TISSUES at 250-528-0177.


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