Boil water notice issued for some rural water users

It’s that time of year again — boil water notice time.

The Town of Osoyoos has issued a Boil Water Notice for domestic water users served by Rural water systems 8 and 9.

The notice will be effective April 1 as the water source is switched from groundwater (well source) to Osoyoos Lake surface water supply. It will remain in effect until November 16.

“While the Osoyoos Lake water is chlorinated, the current disinfection process is not adequate to protect from bacterial, viral and protozoan pathogens that may be present in the surface water source,” the notice from the Town reads.

“The Town of Osoyoos and Interior Health recommend individuals drink boiled water or a safe alternative until further notice.”

The Town of Osoyoos says it is in the process of separating irrigation lines from domestic lines to improve water quality.  The public will be notified when these projects are completed.


Users can determine which water system serves them by referring to the first three digits of the account number on their rural water bill.

Residents with questions about the notice can contact the Town’s Operational Services department at 250-495-6213 or email concerns and questions to


  1. What a shame. 7 months of buying water. Town get water added to this taxes, or some do, which if it was metered was be $500 a year. That’s $500 saving to the homeowner and $500 less used to improvement to Osoyoos. Water to a home needs to drinkable and useful for cook,etc. even the laundry is dirty and lots of Oxyclean is added to washer to clean light clothes. Bath water is brown. Perhaps an upgrade to the water needs to be sooner than later.


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