The Town of Osoyoos has created an Animal Control and Licensing Bylaw that will limit the number of dogs, cats and other animals, birds and reptiles residents are allowed to keep on a property.

Council gave three readings to bylaw changes Monday afternoon that reduces to two from three the number of dogs over six months of age a person can keep on a property. A similar number of cats can also be kept.

Osoyoos residents can also keep four indoor-caged birds (budgies, canaries, parakeets or other similar tropical breeds of birds); up to four gerbils, hamsters or other domestic rodents; and one amphibian, reptile or non-venomous snake.

The bylaw is an amalgamation of three existing bylaws regulating the ownership and control of dogs and cats.


Counc. Jim King asked how animal control officers can determine how many dogs were being kept on a property if the animals were always indoors.

“(Officers) can go in and determine how many dogs are there, but before we can take any dogs we have to have a warrant,” responded Janette Van Vianen, the Town’s Director of Corporate Services.

“The bylaw officer does have the right to enter on to the property to ensure people are abiding by the bylaws,” she added. “It’s whether they can get inside the residence that’s the problem.”

Limiting the number of dogs or cats on a property to two is common to other jurisdictions, Ms. Van Vianen told Council.


  1. I personally think this is ridiculous. What is the motivation behind cat and small animal restrictions? Who’s business is it what animals we keep in our own homes?
    As a reptile keeper I know that most other reptile keepers will be appauled by the new bylaw.
    As keepers we keep and breed various reptiles and feeder rodents.
    Some people even do this for a living.
    I will not be moving back to the city of Osoyoos as I had planned knowing that my pets are not welcome.

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