The Osprey camera is back.

The Town of Osoyoos has switched on its live feed from a camera installed last year to watch over an osprey nest discovered on a FortisBC power pole in the community.

Now, we’re just waiting on the osprey.

The birds, known for their hunting abilities —  they are able to dive into the water from a height of up to 40 metres — breed in Canada between April and September. Eggs are incubated for about 40 days and then the chicks fledge (develop wing feathers large enough for flight) when they are about two months old.

Osprey are adaptable birds and are able to nest in natural and artificial structures close to water, including at the top of dead trees, hydro poles and other tall structures.

When the nest was found in 2014, FortisBC and the Town saw an opportunity to use it as an educational tool. FortisBC de-energized the pole to make sure the birds are safe and the camera was set up on a nearby pole to stream a live feed to a YouTube channel.