Council plans special open meeting to discuss 2017 budget

Osoyoos residents who would like an early look at the Town of Osoyoos’s 2017 operating budget and five-year capital plan will get that chance this Friday.

The Town is planning a special open meeting for the Sonora Community Centre.

Between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., residents can pop into Room One and watch and listen in as Osoyoos Council works through the draft budget and five-year business plan.

“We’ll be going right through that document and the five-year business plan,” explained Barry Romanko, the Town’s Chief Executive Officer. “It’s a very public process.”


The community will get a chance to add its thoughts to the budget in mid-January when Council hosts its traditional Community Ask meeting — an opportunity for local residents to champion their own means of the Town spending their money.

Residents can also comment on the budget and council’s priorities during the bylaw approval process. Typically, people who have a concern will have the opportunity to address Council at several meetings through the deliberation and approval process.

The 2017 draft operational budget and five-year capital plan are both available for download from the Town’s website.



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