Hello, from the dark side of the moon

Anyone with even a passing interest in space travel or science fiction knows what happens when a spacecraft passes behind the moon in preparation for a slingshot ride back to Earth.

Just like what happened in Apollo 13 and Armageddon, the craft orbiting on the dark side of the moon loses radio contact with Earth for a short period.

Well, a similar thing is about to happen with your OsoyoosToday.

On Monday, I will be undergoing open heart surgery.

For the past few months, I have struggled with a condition that has reduced the blood flow through my heart. It all came to a head mid last week — even as the Town celebrated its Gyro Park improvements — when I suffered a heart attack.

Since then, much of the work I have done to maintain my online newspaper has come from my hospital bed.

But, for a few brief days beginning Saturday, I will be unable to post to the news site as I focus instead on getting well.

I’m excited about the prospects of coming out on the other side of the moon, though.

The “repairs” surgeons will make in Kelowna will give me a burst of increased energy as my primary engine is back to functioning properly. I expect to be able to even more fully embrace the passion I have for Osoyoos with renewed zest and deliver an improved community information product.

Until then, I ask for your patience and commitment as I pause for a few days to undergo this surgery and then recover.

See you on the other side.