High school memories headed to Sonora Centre

Composite graduating class photos and some banners and trophies from Osoyoos Secondary School will be on display at the Sonora Centre, Council agreed Monday.

Council directed staff to enter into an agreement with the Okanagan-Similkameen School District to move 33 graduating class photos and other memorabilia from the soon-to-be-closed high school to be displayed at Sonora Centre.

There is not room for everything, however, and the remainder will likely go to the museum.

The School District has asked for an agreement that it owns the composites, trophies and banners currently on display at the school and that if the school ever re-opens, the material would return there.

Royalty drops by Council meeting

Osoyoos Royalty candidates visited with Town Council on Monday, introducing themselves and lauding the personal development benefits of the royalty program.

This year’s candidates are Taryn Aspell, Laura Devries and Emmaleigh Diwell.

The most recent event for the trio was the Miss Osoyoos Talent and Fashion Show at the Elks Hall on April 28. Next up, they will be part of the festivities at Osoyoos Lake Appreciation Day on Saturday at Gyro Park.

Gyro Irrigation well faces rehab

The town will abandon plans for a second irrigation well in Gyro Park and instead rehabilitate the well already there, which has seen flow reduced by encrustation on intake screens.

Operations director Jim Dinwoodie told council Monday the water in so-called Well #6 routinely has chlorine injected into it. He said it appears the chlorine reacts with manganese already present in the water to create the encrustations. Flow from the well has been reduced by about two-thirds.

The well remediation will cost about $24,000, the amount budgeted for the new well.

Without the new well or the remediation, Dinwoodie’s report said, “Operational services will not be able to accommodate the demand for water this summer.”

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