Residents currently burdened
with annual boil water restrictions

The water’s not flowing yet, but residents living south of Osoyoos will soon have safe drinking water during the irrigation season.

The Town of Osoyoos announced today it will receive $2,472,000 from the federal Gas Tax Fund to complete a twinning of the rural area water system in the southern half of Irrigation District 8. The Town will contribute $1,251,000 to the project, which has a total cost of $3,723,000.

The Town’s portion of the cost will come from municipal water reserve accounts.

“The Town of Osoyoos is very pleased to receive a grant to provide Phase 1 of ‘water twinning’ to the rural Osoyoos area,” said Osoyoos Mayor Sue McKortoff.

“This long-awaited project will assist in providing improved domestic water service to 132 rural users, and to assist in developing municipal level fire protection standards.”

The project is phase one of five of an $11 million project to supply municipal domestic water to 450 users in the Osoyoos Rural Area. This phase will see construction of 9.3 km of water main.

“The project . . . will eliminate the need to have annual ‘boil water’ advisories,” said Mayor McKortoff. “We look forward to starting this construction in 2016, with a 2018 completion date.”

Residents in the Osoyoos Rural Area are provided domestic water by the Town of Osoyoos from Irrigation Systems 8 and 9, both of which are supplied from intakes in Osoyoos Lake.

 A boil water advisory is imposed annually during the irrigation season (April to October) within the service area on advice of the Interior Health Authority (IHA). The annual boil water advisories date back at least a decade.

The Town expects to tender the project with a fall of 2016 construction start and a seasonally adjusted two-year implementation period.


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