Province sets sights on home rental landscape

The BC government has announced a task force to review the province’s home rental practices and determine how to improve security and fairness for renters and landlords.

“Our laws haven’t kept up with the changing housing market, and that has left both renters and landlords vulnerable,” said Premier Horgan. “This task force will connect with British Columbians, review laws in other jurisdictions and deliver the first full review of our residential tenancy laws in 16 years.”

The Rental Housing Task Force will be headed by Vancouver-West End MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert, who will serve as the Premier’s advisor on residential tenancy.

The task force is expected to work through the summer. Its mandate is to:

  • Consult with landlords, tenants and stakeholders on their views and experiences with current tenancy laws and processes within the rental industry;
  • Identify options to improve security and fairness for both renters and landlords, while addressing the challenges of affordability;
  • Review existing laws and how they apply to different housing models; and,
  • Review innovative approaches in other jurisdictions.

Mr. Herbert will work alongside MLAs Adam Olsen and Ronna-Rae Leonard on the three-member task force.

“One-and-a-half million British Columbians rent. For too long, issues of security, affordability and fairness have been ignored, with the voices of renters and landlords sidelined,” said Mr. Herbert. “We need to bring renters, landlords and all those who care about rental housing to the table to improve our tenancy laws so they work better for everyone. It’s time.”

The task force will report findings and make recommendations next fall.


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