Shore-lined jet ski a puzzler for Osoyoos RCMP

A Kawasaki Jet Ski similar to this model but red, white and blue in colour, was found along the Lake Osoyoos shoreline. Police are now looking for its owner.

Osoyoos RCMP are pretty sure a jet ski they found on the Lake Osoyoos shoreline didn’t wash ashore, leaving its stranded owner in the middle of the lake.

But they’d like to be totally sure.

“We can’t say for sure,” said Cpl. Jason Bayda. “(But) we don’t have a trailer outstanding and we don’t have a missing person report or anything like that.”

And, he added, “it was kind of pushed up in some bushes.”

More likely he says, the red, blue and white-coloured Kawasaki jet ski discovered Tuesday was stolen and dumped — although RCMP don’t have a report of a stolen jet ski either.

“It’s possible that someone stole it and then dumped it. But whoever owns it hasn’t come back and reported it missing,” Cpl. Bayda said.

“It could be someone out of town that has a holiday place here and doesn’t know it’s missing yet.”

RCMP have taken the jet ski and put it away for safe-keeping. They’re now waiting for someone to call into the office and claim it.

“We’ve run the hull number and we checked for registration and I guess whoever owned it didn’t register it because at this point it hasn’t come back to anyone.”

If you are missing a Jet Ski the Osoyoos RCMP are requesting you contact them — even if for someone reason you don’t want it back.

Anyone claiming the Jet Ski will need to provide proof of ownership. Refer to Osoyoos RCMP file #2016-5002.