Town proposes $223,000 in 2017 property tax exemptions

The Town of Osoyoos expects to forego about $223,000 in revenue in 2017 as it exempts a number of properties from payment of property taxes.

The list of 24 exempted properties includes Osoyoos churches and recreational and civic facilities. Many of the properties are owned by the Town and leased to local societies.

The largest exempted amount is $76,676. It is for property and land owned by the Town and leased to the Osoyoos Senior Centre and Osoyoos Museum Society.

The Osoyoos Golf Club property is worth $38,321 in exempted property taxes.

Eight Osoyoos church properties are also exempted for a combined $36,816 in lost tax revenue. The largest share of that amount belongs to the Osoyoos Baptist Church, which enjoys a $9,851 exemption.


  1. Yes, our infrastructure takes another hit. Golf club? Really? I’m sure there is a few members on town council, how convenient.

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