Water quality society’s transparency shows character of board

Volunteer Brian Faltinson captains the OLWQS's research vessel. The society is looking for a few deckhands.

The Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society has as one of its missions an ongoing effort to keep its namesake body of water clean.

It was refreshing to see it knows itself how to come clean — even when it isn’t absolutely necessary.

The Society put out an information release this morning that candidly shared the news of an unfortunate accident earlier this month.

As the release explains it, the OLWQS testing boat came in contact with a boat lift while fulfilling a fundraising prize that included a lunchtime tour of Osoyoos Lake. No one was hurt.

The incident was reported to local police and the matter is now being resolved through insurance companies.

That bit of information, frankly, isn’t newsworthy and we wouldn’t stoop to share it with you but for the fact the society thought it appropriate to publicly report its mishap.

That action speaks to an honest effort on the part of the society’s president and board to provide for transparency. In so many other places today, that quality is lacking.

Kudos to the OLWQS for its openness.

By the way, more important than that bit of information: Birgit Arnstein, the society’s president, has decided to step down for personal reasons.


The Board of Directors has named Sean Van Horne as her interim replacement until this fall when the Board will conduct a planning and strategy meeting for 2017.

“We are saddened to lose Birgit as our leader,” said Mr. Van Horne. “Birgit has put her heart and soul into our organization. She was instrumental in creating numerous fundraising events, fostering industry liaisons and raising the public profile of the Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society.

“We will miss her high energy and enthusiasm.”

As will the community. Best of wishes, Birgit.


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