Educator has intelligent corrections for politicians, media

Flummoxed: to be bewildered or perplexed.

I remain flummoxed by the actions of the Liberal government, our local politicians and some of our local ‘media’ as it relates the recent announcement of funding for education.

For the politicians:

As educators and community members waited with bated breath for an announcement about funding from the Ministry, how is it that the only people not invited to such an event are those responsible for education in this district – the superintendent, the chairperson of the Board and teachers?

How is it that an amount of $118,102 is considered enough money to suggest that a school could be saved from closure – at this late date in the year? Where was this money four, three, two months ago?

How could there be such complete disregard for the work that has already gone into merging schools or for such a lack of understanding of the planning it takes to have a school ready for students in September? New contracts for employees – Do we rip them up? Renovations to classrooms – Do we tear down those walls? Release time for teachers to work together to assist in the transition of resources and students – Do we bill the Ministry?

How can you possibly think that this one time influx of money is going to address the many years of underfunding to the public education system?

For the media:

How is it that snippets of information that may have started as rumours or tempting teasers from perceived reliable sources, gain such social media traction as to stir up more falsehoods and expectations? How is the ongoing rampant speculation good for teachers, good for students, good for families, good for communities?

For the rest of us:

Public education matters. We need to pay attention and speak out against political agendas when considering our children’s educational future. Simply put, we need to adequately fund public education.

Sylvia Slater
President – South Okanagan Similkameen Teachers’ Union