Mellow, my driving friend — you’re on Osoyoos time now

Pedestrians needing to get from one side of the street to the other have a few options.

The can jaywalk and take their chances.

Or go to the traffic lights and wait for the walk sign — then run like crazy to make it across before the light changes.

Or they can use the crosswalks that have flashing lights — and hope with all their heart and soul the traffic moving both ways will see the lights flashing and stop.

Any way a pedestrian chooses to cross Main Street, it seems they’re putting their lives in someone else’s hands — someone who might be a tad impatient.

We get a lot of traffic in Osoyoos in the summer time:

Big semis moving on the Crowsnest Hwy. through Osoyoos, going mostly from east to west have only one way of going through here and that is right through town.

Very courteously, too, I might add.

Then there are recreation vehicles of all types and sizes moving in all directions — coming from or going north, south, west or east. There are trucks pulling boats or cargo trailers, cars of all types and motorcycles.

We have already had one fatality this summer due to excess speed and not paying attention.

The problem that appears to be happening is people coming here to party, play or relax are coming from larger places.

Their home cities usually have bumper-to-bumper traffic and it might take a person 40 minutes just to get to a grocery store. So when they are here, it seems slowing to Osoyoos time is something these folks have to ease into.

Unfortunately, though, impatient drivers cause a serious problem for our pedestrians.

There is nowhere in Osoyoos that takes 40 minutes to get to. Drivers, slow down and look for people walking across the street.

Try being polite instead of honking, flipping the bird at someone you consider old.

Summertime in Osoyoos is just as frustrating for we who live here as it is for you who visit. But we’re all here and fortunately there’s enough Osoyoos sunshine to share — and plenty of time to enjoy it.

So slow down, relax, and enjoy your time here, even if it is downtown in your car or truck.


  1. I agree!!! EXHALE…..and enjoy your vacation!!

    I totally agree about the very short duration of the ‘Walk’ signal at the corner traffic lights. Even an able bodied person can barely cross before it turns.

    Although vehicles are required by law to stop for pedestrians at marked crosswalks, pedestrians had better be on guard and check that all the vehicles have stopped. You may be right, but you could be ‘dead right’!!


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