MLA’s grandstanding the worst kind of politics

What MLA Larson did to our community this week is nothing short of self serving political grandstanding at the expense of our kids and they’re hopes to attend school in Osoyoos.

What MLA Larson did exhibits the worst of politics and the kind of disingenuous nonsense that frustrates constituents and turns people off from engaging in politics.

The message that MLA Larsen delivered could have been done in an op-ed or in a meeting with Council.

Her press release and need for an audience was for optics only.

It’s my opinion that MLA Larsen has taken a political thrashing for not showing any interest or concern for our Town during a contentious time and felt it necessary to tell the world that she tried to help.

Way too late, Linda. Do us a favor and stick to your original position of staying out of this.

All you accomplished this week was, giving final false hope to a predetermined conclusion.

This was shameful and you should now call on the same press to cover your apology to our Town and it’s residents.

Mike Campol


  1. It was heartless politicking to use her community in this manner. I hope she’s not putting her name
    Forward for 2017. She deserves to be recalled.