NDP candidate’s ‘dog and pony show’ fell on its face

OK, so when one goes to meet a candidate for an MLA’s position and they advertise it in the media, one would think that the person in question would at least introduce herself.

GayeHornSoundsOffBut Colleen Ross arrived at JoJo’s 15 minutes late and sequestered herself in a corner with five well known locals and another not so local.

I’d suggest it wasn’t a great way to introduce herself to the Osoyoos community — especially when we have a local well-known and respected candidate in Brenda Dorosz.

How did Ms Ross discern that the other folks at JoJo’s were not voting members?

Did she ask? No. Did she introduce herself? No. I would not have known her if I had tripped over her.

And when I left at 4:10, I still did not know her.

So, Colleen, when you invite people to come meet you and talk about things important to you, would you not at the very least extend a courtesy to the other patrons in the café in case we might be voting members there to meet you?

Is it just possible that not everyone who came to meet you this afternoon wanted to hear a former NDP person speak on your behalf — remembering, of course, this man is from a day long gone and a party that was in shambles and disgrace?

I do not want to hear what he has to say. He had his day, so why have him there at all?

And seriously, a budding young musician? What the heck do I want to listen to this for when I am clearly looking for political answers to assist me in making a very important decision?

If you, Ms Ross, want to facilitate helping young people in the arts, then sponsor them, mentor them, but do not bring them along and make it a Dog and Pony Show.

Instead, speak for yourself. Give us what we came for: let us hear what you have to say.

I am so disappointed in how you managed to alienate at least three people this afternoon who were there with open minds. It was not up to us to approach you but for you to approach us.

Just checking — but are you sure you are not a Liberal?


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