Osoyoos 7-Eleven staff come to visitor’s rescue

Saturday night I was so afraid I wouldn’t make it home.

I had gotten in an argument with my male friend and he was supposed to give me gas money to go home to Grand Forks.

But I didn’t feel safe to stay a minute longer. I had four dollars on my bank card, 10 in cash and six in Petro points. That was not enough and I knew it but was willing to risk the unknown to get home.

At 7-Eleven, the two staff, Chantelle and Cherie, saw how distraught i was and kindly added to my fuel to ensure my safe drive home.
These two woman brought tears to my eyes. I’m forever grateful for them and to know that human kindness is still alive.
If you choose to publish this, I made it home safe. Thank you.
Sherry Hanson
Grand Forks


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