A Message from the Publisher

My wife, Tracey, and I had our pick of Canadian communities when we left Fort McMurray in 2010. After a search that literally took us from coast to coast, we settled on Osoyoos.

It’s a community and lifestyle we’ve come to love. After a brief sojourn to West Kelowna, we returned in November when Osoyoos summoned our hearts yet again.

Last month, I purchased the Daily News from my good friend Brian Highley, who is busy with so many projects he just couldn’t find the time to give the Osoyoos Daily News the time it deserved. My promise to him was to build an online newspaper that would continue his vision as a place where Osoyoos could “get together to chat.”

I tell you that because I want to provide some perspective on the fresh look you found as you opened your Osoyoos Daily News today. You’ll note a more modern, sophisticated and improved presentation. More importantly, though, I hope you’ll notice the improved local content — more of it and much more interesting.

I have both a journalism and public relations background. My purchase of the Osoyoos Daily News is a marriage of both — a reliable information source that is also an independent promoter of the community and its lifestyle. I have positioned the Osoyoos Daily News as a forum for constructive conversation and proactive delivery of information that builds and strengthens our community.

In short, the Osoyoos Daily News is a polite, upbeat conversation that I hope you’ll want to join.

My commitment to you is accurate information about the community you call home, its government and public boards, its business community and residents. What I hope you’ll give me in return is your voice in that conversation.

Take advantage of the opportunities to comment. If something is close to your heart, say so. If you have a better idea, add it to the mix. If you don’t like something, take me to task.

Because there was an ownership change, you’ll have to re-register to receive daily updates if you were receiving them before.

I’ll ask your patience as our classifieds are re-engineered. They should be back in place by Monday — free as before and more effective.

I’ll also ask you to support the local business community. My service to you is predicated on their support of the advertising opportunities I provide.

And that’s it. Let me know what you like and don’t like about your new Osoyoos Daily News. Tell your friends and family to check us out.

This is your place to get together to chat. Let’s get comfortable and enjoy each other’s company.




Andrew Stuckey


  1. I’m happy to say Welcome to our new publication. We’ve needed another daily source to provide us with another point of view with relation to our present weekly/daily opportunities. I like the layout, the sans serif typeface, and the accurate and concise way articles are presented. In addition, to date there has been no obvious personal bias in the articles, which encourages readers to contribute their own point without being criticized for it. I know it’s pretty early in the game to have this opinion but I’m sure Osoyoos Daily News will be a great success in our area. I will be checking the site daily.


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