Your view: Let’s talk mental health

Reflecting on the school closure consultation process, one particular concern that went unanswered keeps me up at night.

The concern was how will the school board address how our most vulnerable kids will be cared for with this profound change in their routine.

The lack of concern and absence of any sort of plan only solidifies what I already know:  there is no plan because this government does not see this issue as pressing or important.

I’ve recently read about the epidemic of adult literacy in this day and age. I’ve also read many articles about youth drug addiction and how it is on the rise. You don’t have to be a scholar to understand the relationship between these epidemics and the lack of funding and resources in mental health and education.

I’ve only been in the political arena for a year and some, but I’ve learned a fair bit during my rookie year. I’ve learned that two-thirds of what we do at the municipal level is planning long term, whether it be infrastructure, lake/water quality or the threat of drought.
We prepare both financially and through long-term planning.

It baffles me that we are surprised by these societal epidemics that seem so easy to predict. I take some comfort in recent news of school trustees standing up for principle and responsibility.

I only hope that the public reaction to these courageous acts will allow others to take similar stands for the health of our communities and it’s future leaders.

Mike Campol, Councillor
Town of Osoyoos


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