Council to review proposed Gyro waterpark

Osoyoos Council this afternoon will take a second look at a proposed waterpark to be located north of Gyro Park on Osoyoos Lake.

Okanagan Wibit wants to begin operation of the waterpark this summer on a beach site adjacent to the current Osoyoos Museum and Osoyoos Seniors Centre buildings.

First, though, it has to jump through several municipal and provincial hoops.

Locally, the site requires a change to the Town’s Foreshore and Lake Zoning Bylaw. Provincially, the waterpark requires an occupation license and other permits.

“In order to locate in this area, the foreshore requires rezoning to W4-Commercial Moorage and “inflatable waterpark” will need to be added as a site-specific permitted use in the Bylaw,” explains CAO Barry Romanko in a report to be delivered to Council today.

“The proponents at Okanagan Wibit have formally applied for the rezoning.”

According to a site plan filed by the company, the waterpark would include an inter-connected series of structures covering up to a 51-metre x 40-metre space to accommodate between 120 and 140 users.

The waterpark would be anchored and surrounded by swim markers.

Space at Gyro Park would also be required for up to five life jacket storage bins and a registration kiosk. The bins and the kiosk would be placed at the southeast corner of Gyro Park’s main grassed area.

The site would also require a minimum of 40 parking spaces.

Town staff see the inflatable waterpark as an asset for Osoyoos, serving as an additional attraction for summer tourist traffic and providing another recreation service to the community.

It surveyed the community in October 2016, asking residents where they preferred the park to be located.


The location of choice was Legion Beach, located at the corner of 89 St. and 62 Ave. It was favoured by 37 percent of respondents; Cottonwood Beach, a second choice, was favoured by 30.5% of respondents.

But Okanagan Wibit, which owns and operates similar parks in Penticton, Peachland and Kelowna, discounted those locations, noting proximity to resorts and public facilities, inadequate water depths and boat traffic.

Instead, it asked Council in December to consider the Gyro Park location.

Should Council move forward with the zoning change, Osoyoos residents would have an opportunity to provide comment and feedback on the project later this month as the Town holds a public hearing as part of the bylaw amendment process.

Staff is proposing April 30 for that hearing.



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