Province increases daily quota
on Kootenay-Lake bull trout

Anglers looking for more bull trout adventure can now support kokanee conservation efforts with increased daily quotas.

Effective today, daily quotas for bull and rainbow trout harvest on the main body of Kootenay Lake will be increased, the province has announced.

The lake is located east of Nelson, about four hours from Osoyoos.

The daily quota for bull trout will increase to two (only one over 50 centimetres). The quota for trout/char will be raised to five, to be consistent with the rest of the waterbodies in the region, including Lake Osoyoos.

Bull Trout take their name from their large broad head and prominent upper jaw. They have a long and slender body, olive-green to blue-grey in colour and a pale belly.

The belly may turn yellow, orange or red in spawning male Bull Trout. The pale round spots that speckle their sides and backs make it easy to distinguish a Bull Trout from most other salmonid species.

Bull Trout are generally not found in Lake Osoyoos.

Increasing the bull-trout harvest is consistent with recommendations in the Kootenay Lake Action Plan to recover Kootenay Lake kokanee stocks. Kokanee are considered “inland salmon.”

Both the bull trout and Gerrard rainbow trout rely on kokanee as a food source. Population and diet trends indicate rainbow and bull trout populations are contributing to kokanee mortality rates that are much higher than normal.


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