Show your ‘spirit’ at Coyotes game tonight

The hockey’s great, but if you need another reason to attend Saturday evening’s Coyotees tilt against the Kelowna Chiefs, here it is: that evening’s game sponsor is the Spirit of the Game Society.

sotg-logo-cmyk-large-u2303Society reps will be handing out temporary tattoos and drawstring backpacks to young athletes who show up Saturday evening and plan a unique intermission contest for three lucky spectators.

The three will be asked to score goals from centre ice — using a hockey puck, baseball, football and basketball.

The Spirit of the Game Society believes a big part of just being a kid is participating in organized sport. It’s a place where youngsters can learn about teamwork, discover hidden skills and personal strengths, develop bonds that will last a lifetime. Organized sport teaches respect and an appreciation for structure. It builds confidence.

The society assists local youngsters by helping to pay tuition and equipment costs for underprivileged children, helping organizations with league fees, uniforms and first-aid kits, and providing for the transfer of used equipment.

For more information about the Spirit of the Games Society, visit the organization’s website at


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