Penticton RCMP investigating explosion under bridge

Penticton RCMP are investigating after responding to reports of a bridge on Forestbrook Drive and Brooks Place in that community being fully engulfed in flames.

Around 9 p.m. April 6, Penticton RCMP found a partially burned incendiary device and other materials called the Explosives Disposals Unit to investigate. There were also reports of a series of explosions under the bridge.

The Penticton Fire Department dispatch advised that some youths were seen running from the area. All available resources responded to the area and set up a perimeter, however no suspects were located.

“Although damage was superficial in nature, the potential for damage to city infrastructure and the natural gas line was significant,” said Supt. Kevin HEWCO, the Officer in Charge of the Penticton RCMP.

“We have dedicated resources assigned to this investigation to ensure the safety of this community.”

The bridge is paved but the structural components are constructed of treated wood beams and the natural gas line supplying the residents in the area is also located along the bridge, directly above where the fire was set.

The fire was extinguished and the damage to the bridge appears to be superficial. There was no damage to the gas line.

Upon examination of the burn site, a partially burned incendiary device was located. Other small tins of flammable materials were also located. Another possible device was mostly consumed and may have been the source of small explosions heard by residents in the area.

Evidence has been seized for forensic examination and the Explosives Disposal Unit has been consulted and will be deploying members to examine the scene and the materials.

If you have any information that can assist in this investigation please contact Cst. Tim VELEMIROVICH of the Penticton RCMP at (250)492-4300 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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