Good morning, Osoyoos, it’s Groundhog Day! Here’s what you need to know as you get your day started.

  • Dress up warm this morning, because “It’s cold out there.” A nasty -8 as the sun rises but headed to 0. We’ll see a mix of sun and clouds and plenty of humidity.
  • Town of Osoyoos Council is proposing a a multi-pronged effort to save Osoyoos Elementary and Secondary schools.
  • Have you heard about the desert night snake? The Desert Centre hopes it will soon be slithering right into your heart.
  • An area of the Great Bear Rainforest bigger than Vancouver Island is now under complete protection from industrial logging. A historic deal was announced yesterday that will protect 85 per cent (3.1 million hectares) of the northwest B.C. wilderness area.
  • Achoo! A Vancouver lawyer who filed a class-action lawsuit against the makers of Cold-FX, says manufacturers knew the product wasn’t more effective than placebos and withheld research that came to that conclusion.
  • The World Health Organization has declared that the clusters of brain-damaged babies born in Brazil – linked to but not proven to be caused by the Zika virus – constitute a public health emergency of international concern.
  • Apparently, the Zika virus is not a concern in Canada, however, because it’s too cold here. But, we have to ask: does that include Canada’s only pocket desert? We have a call into the B.C. Centre for Disease Control to find out for sure.
  • North America actually has several groundhog weather forecasters. The most famous prognosticator of them all is Punxsutawney Phil, who hails from the small town in Pennsylvania located just outside of Pittsburgh. In Canada, forecasters are going to have to do without the help of Manitoba groundhog Winnipeg Willow this morning. The groundhog, who resided at the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Winnipeg, died Friday night. Curiously, Wiarton Willie, another famous groundhog, died just two days before Groundhog Day 1999. Coincidence? We think not.
  • And speaking of Groundhog Day . . .

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