Rise and shine, Osoyoos — It’s Monday, April 25

ODN_rise_and_shine_page_headerGood morning, Osoyoos, it’s Monday, April 25. Here’s what you need to know as your day gets started.

  • Osoyoos weather: Mainly sunny today, but with a high of just 18. Clear overnight.
  • We get a first look at the Okanagan Similkameen School District’s 2016/17 budget, but frankly it provides more questions than answers.
  • It took a playoff to win this year’s Rattlesnake Open. A young Kelowna golfer did just that.
  • In case you missed it, the South Okanagan General Hospital emergency room is closed overnight as the hospital deals with a shortage of Physicians. It will reopen permanently again Tuesday morning at 8 a.m.
  • The B.C. government has responded to concerns about commercial breeders of pets with a new code of conduct.
  • A Nanaimo jazz duo wins big at the Monterey Jazz Festival.
  • Apparently, the ants are marching in more than twos by twos in Kamloops.
  • For the little darling who has everything: how about her very own palatial playhouse?
  • Legalizing pot won’t do away completely with illegal elements selling it, a study warns.
  • A Florida man hoping to walk to Bermuda has his bubble burst — literally.
  • Billy Paul won’t be singing about himself and Mrs. Jones any more, He passed away at 80.
  • Remember the joke about AOL dropping software CDs into the Amazon? Now a company has the rainforest birds and animals taking selfies.
  • And finally, you may not know him, but he’s important to me. Happy birthday, Pops. Looking good at 76.
  • Have a great day, Osoyoos.

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