Rise and shine, Osoyoos — It’s Friday, March 18

ODN_rise_and_shine_page_headerGood morning, Osoyoos, it’s Friday, March 18. Here’s what you need to know as your day gets started.

  • Osoyoos weather: More sunshine today. High of 12 this afternoon. And the weekend is looking promising as well, with more sunshine and a high of 14 both Saturday and Sunday.
  • The South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce is giving up the Festival of the Grape to focus more on providing services to local business. The Oliver Tourism Association will soon be in charge of the popular event.
  • The B.C. Liberal Party’s executive director is back on the job — even though Laura Miller is still facing charges related to a political cover-up in another province.So much for perception.
  • Tornado season gets an early start in Ontario. One touched down north of Guelph yesterday.
  • The Loonie has taken flight. It’s back up to 77 cents US, but is that flight sustainable?
  • The iPhone has arrived on Sesame Street.
  • Speakng of iPhones. Want to lean how to jumpstart somene’s heart? There’s an app for that.
  • In Mississippi, teachers will be expected to grade not just their students but parents as well.
  • Do you see another Mummy movie in the making: King Tut’s tomb reportedly has hidden chambers.
  • Rider fans, seating and ticket prices are now in place at the new Mosaic Stadium.
  • And finally, are you ready for a lazy weekend? So lazy, that you don’t even want to tie your shoe laces? Nike can help.

Enjoy the weekend, Osoyoos. See you Monday.

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