Rise and shine, Osoyoos — It’s Friday, March 4

Good morning, Osoyoos, it’s Friday, March 4. Here’s what you need to know as your day gets going.

  • Osoyoos weather: A mix of sun and clouds this morning, with the chance of rain. Warming to 10 this afternoon. Chance of showers overnight. The weekend is looking a little spotty as well. Highs in the low double-digits, but a chance of showers through Sunday.
  • Looking for a great alternative to NHL hockey? Coyotes open their best-of-seven divisional final against the Summerland Steam tomorrow evening at the Sun Bowl. Tickets are still available. The two teams will play again at the Sun Bowl Monday evening.
  • One final addition to our five-part analysis of the Osoyoos school closing process. Robin Stille takes a look at the expected savings of closing Osoyoos Secondary School and how moving 200-plus students might impact South Okanagan Secondary School.
  • Do you know this man? Penticton RCMP provide video of a thief in action.
  • Placing wire at neck height across a downhill mountain bike trail? Stupid and criminal and someone did it near Nanaimo.
  • Note to employees: texting on the job can get you fired — especially when you’re supposed to be watching for upset young girls hanging from climbing walls.
  • From our How Did they Manage That Department: Thieves have made off with 11 — yes, eleven — ATM machines placed in rural communities around Saskatoon.
  • More blustering from North Korea after the UN hits it with more sanctions.
  • That big “star” you’re seeing in the east just after sunset isn’t a star at all. It’s Jupiter and it’s magnificent.
  • And finally, swimming with your pet python might be considered cruel — for the snake, not for everyone around you.

See you Monday, Osoyoos. Have a great weekend.


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