Rise and shine, Osoyoos — It’s Monday, May 2

ODN_rise_and_shine_page_headerGood morning, Osoyoos, it’s Monday, May 2. Here’s what you should know as your day gets started.

Osoyoos weather: The warmth we know and love returns today. Sunny skies and a high of 28 this afternoon. Sunset tonight: 8:15 p.m.; sunrise tomorrow: 5:33 a.m.

  • The hot cars were back at RPM (Richter Pass Motorplex) yesterday for the season opener of Wine Country drag racing. We’ll have pics and results for you later this morning. Here’s a teaser:
  • Hip Hop artist Transit is coming to town courtesy of Jamie Elder at Unity Clothing and Boardshop. That got us to thinking, what has anyone outside of Osoyoos done for OSS lately? Not much, but they’ve got plenty of excuses to share.
  • Osoyoos Town Council sits today. Should be some interesting chatter after SD53 pulled the plug last week. You can tune in here.
  • A Saskatchewan woman died yesterday while participating in the Cherry Blossom Triathlon in Kelowna. She was pulled from the H20 pool during the swim portion of the event.
  • Last week, we told you about a young girl who survived a night alone in the bush with her dogs. Today, we’ll tell you about a two-year-old boy found alive after a night alone near Kimberley.
  • Prince Harry and PM Justin Trudeau meet in the centre of the universe. We’ll be lucky if our country doesn’t implode.
  • Maybe he was just looking for a little practical experience? Whatever his motivation, an Alberta firefighter faces 18 counts of arson.
  • Speaking of Alberta fires, two neighbourhoods in Fort McMurray were evacuated last night as an out-of-control wildfire threatens that community.
  • OK, so now we’re curious: CIA director won’t release 9/11 information because it includes “inaccurate information” that could tie Saudi Arabia to bombings.
  • The elephants are no more at Ringling Brothers Circus. After 145 years, they performed for the last time last night.
  • It’s May Day in the U.S., which apparently means it’s a good time to protest capitalism. This year’s effort ought to be good.
  • Immigrants to the U.S. are rushing to beat the Trump: they’re applying for U.S. citizenship.
  • And finally, it’s a new month, a time for a fresh start. Here’s a list of 10 things you can begin today to tidy up your life. A hint: start with number 10 and plan the other nine.

Have a great day, Osoyoos. You look marvelous.

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