Aerial daredevils make ‘short’ work
of Gyro Park parking lot

Here’s a dare for you: build enough speed over 30 or so metres to launch your motorbike from a three-metre ramp, travel 25 metres through the air, do a stunt or two while you’re up there and then land that bike in a space half the size of a swimming pool.

Now do that for the first time in front of a sizeable crowd.

For Tomshak FMX’s Forrest Shura, Saturday was a baptism by fire — a first public performance using a mobile ramp.

He and his riding buddies — Daylan Tomshak and Jeff Fehr — wowed with two shows Saturday at Cactus Jalopies, performing the aerial acrobatics in the Gyro Park parking lot.

With four years of riding free-style behind him, Forrest — and the other two riders — made the jumps look easy.

But . . .

“It’s definitely a little complicated,” Forrest said of the tight space. “There’s not much room. You’ve got to get into it right away, get your throttle on, and then get on the brakes real fast.”


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