Duo promises right sound
for eclectic MITP audience

It’ll be interesting to see which direction Friday evening’s Music In The Park act decides to go.

Getting a read on the more experienced Gyro group that gathers weekly can be a bit of a challenge.

Older and wiser, you’d think this audience would prefer a milder sound. But bet your quarters two out of three of them can recite to you the lyrics to Whole Lotta Love and have probably played the Thunderstruck drinking game.

Andy and JC Plett — otherwise known as Room to Dance — might have the answer for that. The duo says it has room to move in a number of directions, presenting itself as a capable variety, rock or country band — depending on where the audience suggests it should go.

According to their music notes, the duo’s distinct sound is built around the natural blend of Andy and JC’s voices, and their authentic renditions of people’s favourite cover tunes.

Further authenticity is also found in Andy’s guitar sound, which he achieves by selecting from a collection of quality guitars and amplifiers.

Go, Dude.

Depending on the musical needs for the evening, Andy & JC perform as a Duo or add quality professional musicians as needed. That adds Guitar, Pedal Steel, Fiddle and/or keyboards to the mix.

Or the duo can do it themselves.

Room To Dance uses the newest technology in backing instrumentation that includes bass guitar and drums, and for some songs, additional instruments.

Add that to top-notch amps and speakers and you’ve got an unbelievable full-band sound!

And and JC say sound quality and audience comfort is paramount to them; their reputation is built on great sounding music that entertains and doesn’t overwhelm.

The free Music in the Park concert starts making noise around 6:30 p.m. at Gyro Beach Park — at the foot of Main Street — at 6:30 p.m.

Bring your lawn chairs, bring a picnic but leave the wine for later.

If the weather is poor — and it might be according to Environment Canada — the Sonora Centre is the alternate location.


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