Trio of photographers offer ‘trifocal perspective’ with Art Gallery show

Three Osoyoos photographers are opening an exhibition of their work at The Art Gallery Osoyoos on Saturday, April 6. From left are Peter Hovestad, Greg Reely and Richard McGuire. (Greg Reely photo)

Three avid Osoyoos photographers will show their work at The Art Gallery Osoyoos in an exhibition that opens Saturday, April 6.

The show, Trifocal Perspectives, is a play on words. As well as referring to the different perspectives of a subject achieved by using different focal length lenses, it’s also an allusion to the more complex eyewear of three aging photographers.

Greg Reely is the young pup of the three at 55. Peter Hovestad, whose social media name is Hank Peters, is 60. Richard McGuire is 64.

Mr. Reely is the president of the Osoyoos Photography Club and Mr. Hovestad its past president. Mr. McGuire was a photographer with the Osoyoos Times from 2012 until November 2018.


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