What’s a kid to do with the summer? In Osoyoos, tons!

By Alexis B.
Youth Beat

School is out and it’s time to have fun on my summer vacation.  Some of my favourite things to do on summer break are swim at the beaches, hang out at the Splash Park and go to the Osoyoos Water Slides!

The wild rapids is my favourite slide and my friends and I have so much fun when we are there.

Exploring at the Osoyoos Desert Centre is pretty neat, too, and it is important for us to learn about our fragile environment and endangered species.  I like when we see a cottontail bunny and see the tadpoles and frogs.

Of course, I could never forget Rattlesnake Canyon  — the Tornado is probably my favorite ride in the whole amusement park!

On my wish list this summer is the new Wibit Park!

More fun to be had indoors

When it is time for a break from the sun I really like to go to Coyotes Sports Simulation on Main Street.  They have a new bowling game that I want to try and 9-D virtual reality chairs that are so cool!

The Osoyoos Desert Model Train Station is up in the Industrial Park and is pretty neat, too, and we will definitely get there before summer is up.

I am also doing Kids Yoga at Mindful Studios on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is really helping me with stretching and getting stronger and helping me with different types of breathing.

The fun continues at home

Osoyoos really is a lot of fun in the summer, but my mom reminds me that we need to relax too and she really likes to putter around the house and yard.

We are working on our pollinator garden and it is so fun to see so many butterflies and bees and rolly pollies are my favourite.  I have built a fairy world and I hope the fairies like it and come visit.

There aren’t really any art classes throughout the summer, so my mom and I have got a few fun projects planned to practice some water colour painting and pointillism!

It is going to be a good summer and I hope you all have a fun time too.


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