Thursday, November 14, 2019

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Share information you have about what’s going on in the Osoyoos community.

We’re looking for upbeat, proactive information that helps OsoyoosToday build the community we call home. But we’re also looking for the scoop on anything that has the potential to impact Osoyoos and its residents in either a positive or negative way.

If you know something important, here’s your chance to tell all.

We won’t share your name
— unless you give us permission

If you’d prefer to provide a news tip and not get involved in the conversation, select the News Tip option below. We will never share your name or contact information with anyone — including legal authorities.

Otherwise, we ask that you include your contact information. Your email address and phone number will not be published unless you provide contact information in the body of your story. (Ideal if you’re planning an event or want people to contact you).

Your name will be used for byline purposes — to identify who wrote and submitted the article. After you’ve posted five stories, we’ll create an author box to accompany your articles.

How to post

Please keep your article to less than 200 words. Be descriptive and include as much fact as possible. Include dates, times and places and try to answer the 5W’s — Who, What, Where, When and Why. Unless you are submitting an Opinion piece, conjecture has no place in the article.

Include up to three images with your article. Please ensure you own copyright or have permission for the images to be published before submitting them.

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