December 6, 2022


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Air Canada has asked the runway to take Argentina to the Qatar World Cup

Airlines Air Canada Connects with existing foreign taxes Turning or increasing their frequencies Just like they did a few days ago, from their home countries to Ezeiza Airport Emirates Or the brand new airline IDA Airways, It replaces alidalia. Also low price Direct air Announced that it would start flying from Bogota Y Medellin.

As for Air Canada, this company Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange Already flying to Buenos Aires Four-week frequencies From Toronto, with a stop in Sao Paulo (where you can change three times a week. MontrealI).

All in all, there are seats to travel to Toronto today (which is the main city but not the capital of that country. Ottawa) Add 1,150As the company’s vice president of international sales described this week, Virgil Russey.

Ignacio Ferrer (left) and Virgilio Rossi (right) during the Air Canada conference in Buenos Aires.

“What we want is to get recognition from the Argentine government, there should be daily flights Up to about 3,150 seats per weekTo him The last three months During a press conference at Doha Palace, this year, “said the administrator. Russey, who is fluent in Spanish, previously worked in Buenos Aires. Canadian Airlines (As the forerunner of today’s Air Canada) Country Manager.

It is not a small fact that there will be an extension of these frequencies A few weeks before the World Cup in Qatar.

Air Canada provides connections to both Toronto and Montreal DohaThe capital of the state of Qatar, where the international tournament will begin in November.

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There are already many demands from Argentina who want to follow the national team and face it Poland, Saudi Arabia and Mexico Stages Doha Y Al-Tayen.

“Already Many pre-purchases have been made in Argentina since the end of 2021 And it will definitely be one of the key transshipment goals for the World Cup, ”he added. Ignatius FerrerCurrent local manager of the airline.

“But as we see, today Accepted tourism is strong or robust Than emissions. The Favorable exchange rate for foreigners There is no doubt that it attracts tourists from abroad, ”Russi added.

By removing post-epidemic restrictions, many airlines are increasing their frequencies or asking the runway to start flying. Ezeiza.

Last week alone three airlines confirmed their arrival. The most recent is Emirates, which stopped flying in March 2020 and announced the resumption of its flights. Dubai From November32 months after his last landing at Ezeiza.

Shortly before, the other two airlines will start flying to the country. One Italy Air Transport Established by IDA Airways, the country’s new flag carrier Flight Permit and Staff Of the former Alitalia. It has been in operation since February National Civil Aviation Authority To make direct flights from (ANAC) RomeIt is already being sold to launch them Since June.

And flights in that month வாழ்க காற்று, “Low price” controlled by the group Ireland (Same as Ryanair) and with a minority participation in the investment fund CartesianFrom the United States, and the owner of control here Flypondi.

As for Viva, these are the ways It doesn’t have to end in ColombiaBecause they offer the most affordable flights to Aerolinas Argentinas today: Miami, Punta Ghana Y CancunIn addition to the flight to Bogot.

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Air Canada does not offer that kind of competition, but it does come with some competitive fees, such as seats in the “premium economy” class (with seats similar to the 1990s business class). $ 1,200 tour.

“It’s not going to be all that, because we have three or four fare levels, but for seats taken in advance. That would be expensiveRussey added.