August 19, 2022


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Alexia Butellos highlighted Spain’s victory over Canada

Alexia Butellos scores two goals for Spain in the Arnold Clarke Cup

Alexia Butellos scores the winning goal for Spain, beating Olympic champions Canada in the Arnold Clarke Cup.

Ballon d’Or winner Butellos scored the only goal in the 21st minute with a superb pass from the left side of Spain.

He hit a crossbar with a header following what Canada’s Jordin Huidema did before the break.

Spain topped, but was then overtaken by England They beat Germany 3-1 in the afternoon match.

George Wilda’s team, having drawn the first two matches, failed to win by a goal difference in the match in which four teams participated.

When they beat Germany 1-0 on Sunday, Canada Molineux entered the game knowing that they would win if they won the match as they were the only team to win one of the first two games.

Huidema’s shot was blocked inside the box in the opening two minutes and they started well, before a quick break, when Dean Rose of Reading fought to the left.

It took a while for Spain to settle, but it was finally saved by Butellos rolling between the legs of Leila Owahabi’s low cross Jenny Hermoso from the left.

Since then, Spain has dominated and created some of the most anticipated liquid football throughout the tournament, and a style that has become one of the options for this summer’s European Championships.

Prior to the match, Canada’s defense, described by Wilda as “the best in the world”, struggled to control the movement of Putellos and Athena del Castillo in particular.

Defender Kadeisha Buchanan has been called into action on several occasions, creating significant barriers for Canada, and almost nailed Huitema’s header back from the crossbar.

The lack of ruthlessness in front of the Spanish target would be a minor concern as they dominated for a long time and failed to make a profit.

Eventually they came under pressure as Canada actively sought a balance. Chloe Lacasse forcibly saves, a cross guide over the Nichel Prince cross and inches of rose from nearby.

But Spain’s victory touched a positive match, in which they lost to teams in the top 10 in the world.



Training 4-3-3

  • OneGallardo Nice
  • 4Garcia Gomez
  • 5Andrew Sans
  • SixteenLeanne Ceprian
  • FifteenOuahabi El OuahabiChangedCarmonargiaInside Four. Five ‘MinutesBooked in 90 minutes
  • 6Ponmati KonkaChangedgonzalez rodriguezInside 59Minutes
  • 12Pebble CuttersBooked in 40 minutes
  • 14Safe buttocks
  • 18Miguel CardonaChangedGarcia CordobaInside 59Minutes
  • 10Beautiful fontsChangedIsakirre LhasaInside 71Minutes
  • 8Of the castleChangedSarriki IssaInside 90 + 3Minutes


  • TwoBattle of Pascual
  • 3Alexandria Lopez
  • 7Warrior of St. Martin
  • 9gonzalez rodriguez
  • ElevenSarriki Issa
  • 13Garcia-Wilm fabrics
  • 17Garcia Cordoba
  • 19Carmonargia
  • TwentyPereira Sejudo
  • Twenty-oneIsakirre Lhasa
  • 22Pineapple
  • 23Rodriguez Rivaro


Training 4-3-3

  • 18SheridanChangedAngeloInside Four. Five ‘Minutes
  • 8RiverChangedCarlaInside 54Minutes
  • 3Buchanan
  • 4Sadorsky
  • 10Lawrence
  • 17Flemish
  • ElevenScottChangedTotalInside 54Minutes
  • 25AlidoChangedQuinnInside Four. Five ‘MinutesBooked in 48 minutes
  • SixteenBeckyChangedLacasInside 77MinutesBooked in 82 minutes
  • 9HuitemaChangedPrinceInside 64Minutes
  • 6Pink


  • TwoChapman
  • 5Quinn
  • 7Total
  • 13Schmidt
  • 14Carla
  • FifteenPrince
  • Twentyபாய்ச்சுக்
  • 22Angelo
  • 24Gillis
  • 26Lacas
  • 27Yekka
  • 29Stir

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