May 31, 2023


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What is going to Happen in upcoming Blue Bloods Season 13 ?

Whether some thought it was a surprising end, with Blue Bloods season 13 due to start in late November, the show’s loyal fan base can’t wait for the return of their favourite crime drama. Fans believe that Jamie may be promoted to partner at the start of season 13, in hope of seeing what else happens with them.

The show followed the professional lives of the Reagan family, following patriarch Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) at the helm.

Frank took pride in the fact that his children were joining law enforcement, as he was the NYC Police Commissioner.

With individual family members/types of legal process, each chapter highlights the part of police work it deals with.

But full-time police work would not allow for time needed to maintain her law career, Jamie only entered the police academy after making a difficult decision.

Throughout the series, fans have watched how he slowly but steadily climbed the ranks of the police force.

Jamie worked for a number of years as a police officer, but when he was offered the chance to become an undercover detective, he leaped at the opportunity.

Jamie as a police officer proved to be capable by handling cases like he was a detective.

Fans of Jamie anxiously await to see if Jamie will receive a promotion that will make him captain on the show.

With 12 seasons in the bag, he became the Sergeant of “Blue Bloods”, but that tense side of him was becoming more and more noticeable.

Jamie often frustrated others, including his wife, Eddie Janko-Reagan (Vanessa Ray) who was also a police officer and worked with him.

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How will be the Season 13 for Erin

While Blue Bloods isn’t a procedural, certain characters have greater impact in the 13th season. Season 13 of the show is all about Erin. The first few episodes will have a tumultuous story as she tries to battle for her job. They almost must because we see her being resourceful and figuring out the best ways to handle her family name.

More than ever, we’re intrigued at seeing what happens if Reagan is accused of getting an easy ride. Or, what happens if she has to retaliate publicly in a situation where she previously never had to do so. Reagan may be one of the most difficult situations she has faced in this episode even if at the end of twelve seasons (of her show), it’s obvious that Reagan is no stranger to dealing with difficult situations.

Nicky in Blue Bloods season 13

We’re confident that there’s always hope for Nicky, despite what Joe Hill says to the contrary. It all boils down to finding the appropriate narrative. Because she isn’t a cop or a prosecutor, it’s likely that finding the correct way of bringing her back is going to be more difficult. Joe Hill, on the other hand, has a lot more organic ways of expressing himself in different form.

While waiting for a season 13 appearance of Nicky, let’s hope that Season 13 launches this fall on Fridays.

With Joe Hill being one of the writers for Blue Bloods Season 13, we now have to wonder how many chances they’ll get to bring him into the show. Right now, the real question is, how many characters will they be able to pass off as Joe?

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